Elisa de Dios teaches Yoga in Menorca, Spain. She has practiced Yoga for more than twenty years, qualifying in Madrid with Ramon Clares of the Yoga Iyengar tradition. Always expanding her knowledge and interest in other Yoga styles, she has completed various courses in Sidney, California and France with teachers such as Matthew Sweeney, who has been a great influence in her practice.

Elisa has also been submerged in Buddhist meditation with various masters of which Thich Nhat Hanh stands out. Her interest in developing attention techniques led her to study with Dr. Alan Wallace and Dr Paul Ekman, gaining professorship in the “Cultivating Emotional Balance” project. 

Elisa also holds a Masters Degree in Law, a Degree in Psychology and has studied Chinese Traditional medicine. She continues to investigate ways of creating space and freedom in both the mind and body.

She welcomes all to her classes.


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