Connect With Your Body


(Eve Ensler) In the Body of the World: A Memoir of Cancer and Connection

I think – from my own life experience, and certainly what I’ve discovered in many women and men across the planet – is [that] when we’re traumatized, when we’re beaten, when we’re raped, we leave our bodies. We disconnect from ourselves. And if it’s true that one out of every three women on the planet have been raped or beaten, which is a U.N. statistic, that’s a billion women.
Many, many of us have left our bodies – we’re not embodied creatures, we’re not living inside our own muscles and cells and sinews. And so we’re not in our power, we’re not in our energy.
It’s been a long journey to get fully back into my body. And, certainly, what I’ve seen everywhere in the world is that the more traumatized people are, the less connected they are to their own source of strength, their own source of inspiration, intuition, heart – everything.

Yoga and Mindfulness helps us to connect with our body giving us energy and strength to discover our own source of inspiration and intuition. It allows us to express our interior to the exterior reveling our heart to the word.


2 thoughts on “Connect With Your Body

  1. Many years ago I was quite badly beaten. The man beat on me off and on for two hours and what followed was a lengthy hospitalization and recovery.
    But is was my will that ultimately drove him away from me that night. A strong surge of power within that I swear he felt because he actually backed away from me. A few minutes later he left.
    But since, I tend to disconnect. A lot. When there is pain or horror, I either weep or remain numb, and mostly it is that I remain numb. The numbness is one of the longest lasting effects of the terror I suffered.
    Mostly, though, I cling to that internal power and will that rose up and drove him away,. I never knew I had such power and am thankful to have found it.

    • Hi Emilie – thanks for sharing your very touching experience. I find it moving how brave you are to trust in your internal power in such circumstances …it is a lesson to us all. Thank you again for sharing your time here.
      A big hug to you

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