Looks aren´t everything!


Why do we spend so  much time worrying about our appearance…




…instead of looking below the surface?





Nancy Etcoff : Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty

People judge appearances as though somewhere in their minds an ideal beauty of the human form exists, a form they would recognize if they saw it, though they do not expect they ever will. It exists in the imagination.

The human image has been subjected to all manner of manipulation in an attempt to create an ideal that does not seem to have a human incarnation. When Zeuxis painted Helen of Troy he gathered five of the most beautiful living women and represented features of each in the hope of capturing and depicting her beauty. There are no actual descriptions of Helen, nor of other legendary beauties such as Dante’s Beatrice.

In Brazil there are more Avon ladies than members of the army. In the United States more money is spent on beauty than on education or social services.


Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model 





2 thoughts on “Looks aren´t everything!

    • Thanks for sharing Kev. It is true we spend a lot of time on superficial things but when we look inside of our bodies or minds we find that that initial ugly appearance is part of something quite marvelous- and it is there where I think we have to spend more time. Best E.

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