Waves Are Only Part of The Ocean


Just as waves are only part of the ocean, perceptions, feelings, and thoughts are only part of the self…

…waves are a natural expression of oceans. It is useless to try to repress or stifle them. It is impossible. We can only observe them. Because they exist, we can find their source, which is exactly the same as our own.

Thich Nhat Hanh


12 thoughts on “Waves Are Only Part of The Ocean

  1. True but aren’t waves the most important aspect of the ocean that impacts the sailors. I mean I could have priceless treasures inside me but if I don’t send the right waves, nobody is going to come looking for those. Difference between most of us mortals and ocean though is that ocean doesn’t care if I set sails on it or I don’t, however most people, being programmed as social do have this inner desire to be accepted by their peers. So we end up making waves which may not be the accurate reflection of our inner self but merely a reflection of our perception of “cool and uncool”. Some may judge this as false sense of oneself, but it is as human as it gets.

    • Thanks Thab – Always interesting to hear another person’s perspective! Isn’t that the reason why it is so important to find the source of the waves – as we learn about what moves us and how we move the world?

      And thank you for the post!

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