If you think that peace and happiness are somewhere else and you run after them, you will never arrive. It is only when you realize that peace and happiness are available here in the present moment that you will be able to relax.

In daily life , there is so much to do and so llittle time. You may feel pressured to run all the time. Just stop! Touch the ground of the present momente deeply, and you will touch real peace and joy.

Thich Nhat Hanh.


8 thoughts on “TOUCHING PEACE

  1. Saúdos de Australia,
    I love this post, simple, elegant and beautiful. The ability to stop and experience the natural beauty of the world we live in, is only possible when we realise how irrelevant and futile many of the things we occupy ourselves are. I love looking at the beauty of a simple leaf, hearing the sound of a bird while the wind caresses my face as it plays joyfully through the treetops. The world is indeed a beautiful place if only we choose to truly experience such beauty.
    God bless you

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